When selling your home, whether it’s a short sale or a traditional real estate transaction, it can be a time consuming process. But there are a number of things you can do to speed the process, making your home more appealing to potential buyers and resulting in a faster sale.

So consider these tips to sell your home faster from The Short Sale Gal, Kristine Zelazo!

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

It’s important to select the right Realtor to sell your home. If opting for a short sale, it’s important to choose an agent who has experience with this specific type of transaction.

You’ll also want a real estate agent who is familiar with the local area, as this will provide you with a major advantage when it comes to pointing out the local benefits and advantages. It’s wise to choose an agent who has a communication style that works for you as good communication is key to the home sale process!

Listen to (And Follow) Your Real Estate Agent’s Advice

It’s important to remember that your Realtor sells homes for a living and they have your best interest in mind, so it’s wise to follow their advice and recommendations. Many homeowners don’t want to listen to their real estate agent and this prolongs the timeframe of the home sale process.

So whether your agent recommends lowering the asking price, cleaning house and investing in a few air fresheners, pulling down those family photos to make it more appealing to buyers, it’s important to listen! If you’re uncomfortable with a particular recommendation, ask questions. A good real estate agent will always explain why a certain course of action is recommended for your situation.

Clean Your Home

Take the time to clean your house so it shows in the best possible condition. Also remove clutter as clutter makes spaces look smaller and messy (even when the clutter is well organized!) Homeowners should also invest in some air fresheners to conceal any odors, which can be off-putting.

It’s also advisable to remove all family photos and other personal items, as these items give the impression of “someone else’s home.” The objective is to get the prospective buyer to view it as their home, not “someone else’s.”

Remember to put away any personal papers and valuables too, as you will have unfamiliar people inside your home and not everyone is honest and trustworthy.

There are a number of unique steps and processes involved when going through a short sale instead of a traditional real estate transaction. You’ll have lots of advantages in this regard when you work with a short sale expert like Kristine Zelazo, better known as The Short Sale Gal — and that includes a faster sale!

If you’re seeking to sell your home as-is to an investor or wish to pursue a short sale transaction for the sale of your property, turn to Kristine Zelazo, the Short Sale Gal!

To get started, simply complete the home pre-sale form to provide Kristine with additional information on the property in question. Questions? Call 800.664.0616, x802.


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