Are you buying a new home? If so, you know how stressful the process can be, especially if you’ve never bought a home before. And while many love being surprised, surprises are one thing you don’t want when purchasing property. So today, The Short Sale Gal Kristine Zelazo will explore why it’s important to opt for a home inspection for each and every property you purchase.


A home inspection helps to ensure that your real estate buying process is surprise-free, thereby eliminating some of the stress so you can buy a property with complete confidence, whether it’s a new home, a fix and flip for an investment property that you plan on using as a rental.

Property purchase and sale agreements are often contingent upon the results of a home inspection, which provides you with an opportunity to identify any damage, flaws or other issues that are present. An inspection may reveal problems such as mold, water damage, deteriorating structural components and other problems that could be costly to repair or remedy.

Quite simply, it’s vital that you know what you’re getting into when you buy a house or any other property. A home inspection lets you discover any issues that require attention so you can adjust your offer price accordingly. In other cases, for buyers who are seeking a new home, you can request that the property owner make repairs as a condition of the sale.

For investors in particular, getting a home inspection is especially important because you need to ensure that your offer price allows for profit. And if the house has lots of unforeseen problems, then you could end up spending a lot more on repairs and upgrades to the point where you eat up all potential profit!

So while it may be tempting to skip the home inspection (especially for real estate investors who have some knowledge in fix and flips. Remember, that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!) it’s essential that you get an inspection so you can enter into the transaction with total peace of mind.


If you’re in search of an investment property, wish to get involved in real estate investments such as buying short sales, but are unsure of where to begin, turn to Kristine Zelazo, the Short Sale Gal! In addition to helping buyers and sellers with short sale transactions in South Florida and beyond, The Short Sale Gal Kristine Zelazo also works with a small number of real estate investors who are seeking to get involved in short sale investing, rehabbing and fix and flipping properties. 

Kristine Zelazo has years of experience in the real estate investing field, so she’s well-positioned to provide guidance to new investors who are seeking a mentor and business partner. 

In addition, The Short Sale Gal also serves as a short sale expert and licensed Realtor, assisting individuals who are seeking to sell their distressed properties in a short sale in South Florida and beyond.

If you’re seeking to sell your home in a short sale or wish to sell your home to an investor, simply complete the home pre-sale form to provide Kristine with additional information on the property in question. Questions? Call 800.664.0616, x802.

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