Do you own a distressed property? Is your home less-than perfect or just plain out-of-date and in need of improvements, but you don’t have the time, money or desire to make repairs in order to sell the property?

Did you acquire a piece of real estate from a relative but don’t want to go through the hassle of putting it on the market?

If this sounds like your situation, then working with a real estate investor may be the right option for you!

Real estate investors provide a unique opportunity to home owners who are seeking to sell, without going through all of the hassle associated with listing the property on the real estate market.

A real estate investor generally isn’t looking at your property as a potential home; they view it as an investment opportunity and therefore, they’re willing to overlook many of the flaws that would deter a typical buyer, like aesthetic flaws or a lack of current features and amenities. This is ideal for a property owner who isn’t keen on the idea of spending thousands on repairs or upgrades in order to sell the house.

But it’s important to remember that the investor will be viewing this as a business transaction and their offer will reflect this. An investor is not apt to outbid another buyer so they ultimately pay more than is ideal just because they love the house. Most investors will make a fair offer, but one that has room for profit.

Also keep in mind that your home’s selling price will be less if you opt to sell it without making repairs or updates.

Most real estate investors can pay cash for your home, making for a fast and easy transaction – something that you rarely see with a traditional real estate sale transaction because the buyer is generally seeking the home as a primary residence and therefore, they must sell their current home prior to completing the sale on your home.

This timely transaction is also ideal for homeowners who need to sell the property because they can no longer afford the mortgage payments. In some cases, you may be able to arrange a short sale with your lender if you have a prospective buyer who’s willing to make an offer on the property, thereby enabling you to avoid foreclosure and the harmful impact this has on your credit history.

Navigating real estate sales and the short sale process can be a challenge, but this is where you can benefit from working with a real estate investment and short sale expert like Kristine Zelazo, better known as the Short Sale Gal! Call Kristine today at 800.664.0616, x802.

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